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Organic, Frugal, and Automated Gardening

January: Garden Goals Update

Overall, I made good progress on my January goals…


2017 Garden Goals

I know it is already February, but I have had these goals in mind since the beginning of the year and wrote most of them down a while ago. I plan to track these along the way and provide updates…

Gardening, Temperature Logging, and a Raspberry Pi

The reason I wanted a Raspberry Pi initially was to log temperature. My small garden room has such varying temperatures that my heat mat thermostat can’t keep my seedling warming mat at a stable temperature. In the evenings the temperatures get low and when the sun is shining it is very warm. I needed to get a handle on what the temperature is in the room so that I can stabilize it…


Planting Seeds Indoors – The First Seeds of 2017

Last Saturday was an exciting day! I could plant my first seeds of 2017! I started my onion seeds. I haven’t had a lot of success with onion seeds before. I hope this time…


Making Seedling Soil Fertilizer

The last time I made my own seedling soil, my seeds did not grow very well. The only success I have had is using a Burpee peat pod kit with the included liquid fertilizer. I know I did something wrong when I made my own soil, but I don’t know what. This time I did a soil test. My results were surprising…


Automating Gardening with a Raspberry Pi

I want to use sensors to automate some of my gardening work. There are a lot of items available for purchase that can be used for gardening automation. I want to be frugal with my automation and putting together a Raspberry Pi seems fun...


Our Red Wigglers

When I was a kid, I had the benefit of going to a science camp. One of the fun projects I clearly remember from that camp was a red wiggler compost project. We took a 2 liter soda bottle and cut off the top to use as a lid. We put in some dirt with some red wiggler worms and added our apple cores and lettuce scraps. Over time, the worms turn the food into a nice and healthy compost…


Making Seedling Soil

Yesterday I moved the compost into the garage so it could melt enough that and I could make some seedling soil today. I am preparing to plant onion seeds next weekend. My soil mix...


Beginning the Gardening

I intend to garden organically, frugally and as self-sufficiently as possible. I am working to reduce my gardening costs as I go. I plan to automate some of the gardening work. Not everything can be automated, but I like to be able to go on vacation or take a break. I have a little experience in gardening, but not a lot. Through this blog, I plan to share my successes and failures in hope to inspire and help others. I hope to learn from others and create a community of fellow gardeners. I live in...


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