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It is time for a gardening goal update. I defined my 2017 garden goals in a previous post.

AutomateSuccess for February

Not only did I automate temperature logging for January, I was able to get some additional automation completed for February, too. I set up automated emails to myself for my garden room temperature and humidity. I also created my own self-watering seedling trays. Using my self-watering trays I was able to go on vacation for 9 days in February and my plants would have been fine for about 2 weeks. If only I could automate seed planting (if you have ideas, let me know).  I anticipate completing most of my automation during the beginning of the year to reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

Previous automation: Set up a Raspberry Pi for a temperature and humidity logger in my small gardening room in my basement.

Track timeSuccess for February

Overall, I spent about 8 hours on gardening in February, with an expected increase and I expect it will be even higher in March preparing new raised beds. This doesn’t include non-reoccurring items like creating the temperature sensor or planning.

2017-02 gardening time spent
I spent about 8 hours gardening in February.

Total time spent:

  • January – 4 hours
  • February – 8 hours

Total: 12 hours this year

Reduce food bill/be frugalIn progress

Savings: The only home-grown produce we ate this month was garlic. I priced garlic at the grocery store for $1.09 a head and estimated we ate at least 8 for a total of $8.72 saved. I plan to plant some microgreens soon, which will likely produce a harvest soon. I am not sure when the snow peas that I planted last fall will start to provide a harvest, but I am definitely ready for some home-grown fresh peas.

 home harvested organic garlic
Some of the garlic I harvested last fall is still great for eating

Spending: I spent $22.95 on the High-power Power Relay. I expect my spending to go up quite a bit for March because I will be purchasing soil for my raised beds. Fortunately, this will be a one-time cost for this year. I will only need compost amendments next year.

Overall, my total was -$14.32 for February. I was able to use more of my harvest from last fall and I purchased less, causing my overall cost to be less than January.

2017-02 gardening spending
I had a net cost of $14.23 in the month of February.

Total spending/saving for the year:

  • January: -$70.08
  • February: -$14.23

Total: -$85.03

Healthier eating and little wasteIn progress

Healthier eating: Nothing improved because we haven’t harvested any food yet.

Little waste: We didn’t waste any harvested food this month, but we didn’t harvest any either. My garlic from the fall is still looking good. I keep monitoring it for signs that I need to start to preserve it.

Organic gardeningSuccess for February

I used bat guano containing potassium for liquid fertilizer for my strawberry plants. I used bone meal, blood meal, and potassium sulfate for fertilizing my established garden beds. All of the fertilizers are organic.

Previous organic products used:

Expanding garden – more successful produce outputIn progress

My husband is building 10 new garden beds. He wasn’t able to make any progress on the garden beds this month because he was busy, but he will get a little more time to work on it this month. I expanded my seedling growing area indoors and I should get more microgreens to harvest in March.

new raised garden beds in work
Six of the ten garden beds, ready to be leveled and filled.

Experiment along the way and always improveSuccess for February

I was able to see the results from experimenting with the impacts of snow on garlic under row cover and not using row cover.

Previous experimentation:

Have you been successful with any of your goals? What do you have planned for March? I would love to hear what they are in the comments!

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