By: Garden4Dinner

Overall, I made good progress on my January goals. I defined my 2017 details of my goals in a previous post.

Automate – Success for January

I assembled a Raspberry Pi and set up a temperature and humidity logger in my small gardening room in my basement.

Track time – In progress

Overall, I spent 3.9 hours on gardening in January. I am a little surprised by this number considering January is not a big gardening month. This doesn’t include nonrecurring items like creating the temperature sensor or planning.

january gardening time
January time spent gardening

Reduce food bill/be frugal – In progress

Savings: The only home-grown produce we ate this month was a few heads of garlic. I priced garlic at the grocery store for $1.09 a head and estimated we ate 3 for a total of $3.27.

garlic braidOne of my garlic braids from garlic harvested last fall

Spending: I spent $73.35 on liquid fertilizers.

Overall, my total was $70.08 for January. I did purchase almost all of my seeds in 2016 or before, so I won’t be including the cost for spring.

january gardening costJanuary spending and saving

Healthier eating and little waste – In progress

Healthier eating: Nothing improved here.

Little waste: We didn’t waste any food this month, but we didn’t harvest any either. I will need to look into freezing (my previously harvested) garlic in the near future.

Organic gardening – Success for January

I used peat moss, organic compost, and perlite for the seedlings. I used organic fish, morbloom, and bone meal fertilizers.

Expanding garden – more successful produce output – In progress

My husband is building 10 new garden beds. They are currently in progress.

garden bedsFour of the 10 new garden beds

Experiment along the way and always improve – Success for January

I experimented with my garden room temperature after creating the temperature logger.

Additionally, I created seedling fertilizer to give my seedlings a more successful start.

I tried a new organic treatment for powdery mildew on my laurel bay tree. I will share the results in a future post.

Have you been very successful on any of your goals in January? Are there things you want to continue to improve? I would love to hear what they are in the comments!

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