By: Garden4Dinner

I know it is already February, but I have had these goals in mind since the beginning of the year and wrote most of them down a while ago. I plan to track these along the way and provide updates.


I want to automate some of the gardening work. I know I can’t automate everything, but I know I can automate a lot. I would like to have my vegetable garden beds set up with drip lines to auto water daily. Additionally, I want to set up my gardening room that I use for seedlings to have a more stable temperature. I would also like to use automation to regulate the various amounts of water that the seeds may need as they develop.  I want to be able to go on a vacation and not lose all of my plants.

Track time

I want to track the amount of time it takes to do reoccurring tasks. I will not include planning time because it is not consistent and every time it is different. I want to see how much time I spend actually gardening during the year.

Reduce food bill/be frugal

Inherently, gardening should reduce my food bill. I hope to do some analysis of reoccurring costs versus how much food I actually produce. I will include the cost of buying my seeds. I plan to save some seeds in the future which will reduce that cost. This analysis won’t include my one-time costs for setting things up. I am considering this as an investment toward my hobby and my family’s health.

In order to be frugal I want to water efficiently – using a drip line and capillary action instead of sprinklers. I want to start my own compost piles. I also will try to find efficient ways to garden to reduce my time because time is money. There will be some trade-offs with frugality and time-saving decisions I will have to make. I do have a full-time job and therefore, not a lot of time.

Healthier eating and little waste

I want to eat more vegetables. I know that growing more vegetables will make them more enticing to my family and I don’t want to waste them. For this goal I want to find 10 recipes for my home-grown vegetables. I also want to find some good ways to preserve the vegetables for more year round use.

Organic gardening

I would like to make the entire garden 100% organic.

Expanding garden – more successful produce output

This year I want to expand my garden and have more successful produce than last year. I already have 10 new 4×4 foot garden beds in the works.

Experiment along the way and always improve

I plant to try to continually improve and experiment along the way. I don’t anticipate all experiments will work.

Do you have any gardening goals for 2017? I would love to hear what they are in the comments!

[Image Credit: ©2017 Garden4Dinner]