By: Garden4Dinner

Yesterday I moved the compost into the garage so it could melt enough that and I could make some seedling soil today. I am preparing to plant onion seeds next weekend.

My Soil Mix

I ended up using 3 gallons of chicken manure compost (I recommend purchasing from a local garden store), 3 gallons of an organic amendment soil I got for free from a neighbor, 1 gallon of Perlite (another neighbor gift), and a couple of cups of vermicompost from our worms. The amendment soil is mostly composed of peat moss. I have read in books to use 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 Perlite, but it seemed like too much Perlite, so I modified the recipe. I would have used vermiculite instead of Perlite, but mine is a huge block of ice right now from the cold weather and I happened to have a bag of Perlite. I filtered it all using a 1/4″ wire mesh. The seedling soil is in my garage right now so that it doesn’t freeze.

 Homemade Gardening Soil

Snow Peas

On another note, I looked at my snow peas and they are looking very sad and frosty even with row cover. I hope they recover. It has been unusually cold here for more than 2 weeks.

snow_peas_with_row_coverSnow Peas with Row Cover

Total time: 34 minutes
Total cost: $0 (items were purchased last year or free)


Have you had success making seedling soil? What did you use?

[Image Credit: Flickr]