By: Garden4Dinner

I intend to garden organically, frugally and as self-sufficiently as possible. I am working to reduce my gardening costs as I go. I plan to automate some of the gardening work. Not everything can be automated, but I like to be able to go on vacation or take a break. I have a little experience in gardening, but not a lot. Through this blog, I plan to share my successes and failures in hope to inspire and help others. I hope to learn from others and create a community of fellow gardeners.

I live in the Puget Sound area, in Washington State. Our USDA climate zone is 8.

I have a family of 4, including 2 school age children. We have 1/3 of acre in the city, although there is a portion of our yard that doesn’t get much light so it doesn’t work well for gardening.

I like to garden as a hobby when I am not working my day job. I also enjoy jogging, computers, electronics, and reading.

I like to plant different varieties of vegetables and fruit. We have fruit trees that we are able to harvest a good amount of fruit from.

What are your gardening interests?

[Image Credit: Flickr]