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My website is transitioning to


Rabbits and Rodents

Isn’t that bunny cute…. until it eats half of my vegetables. I haven’t had bunnies bug my garden in a while because of our handy set up I will share. The bunnies and I happily share the yard.

What’s Growin’

I am always interested in what others are growing. It is time to share what I have growing at my place. It is winter here in the Pacific Northwest, so this isn’t the height of the growing season. I have previously planted perennials, started indoor seeds, and indoor plants.…

February: Garden Goals Update

It is time for a gardening goal update…

Be Gone, Powdery Mildew!

My powdery mildew is gone with an organic household solution! I have many gardening successes and failures. I share them both, but it is nice to be able to share a success…

Self-Watering Seedlings

I don’t know about you, but I want a vacation and seedlings. Vacationing in a warm place when it is still cold out is so nice. I don’t normally go on vacation, but this year I did. My goal was to have my plants “take care” of themselves while I was gone for 9 days. I love not having to water as often all of the time, not just while on vacation. I wanted to have an inexpensive and easy way to do this and this is what I came up with…

Garden Book Review: Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Northwest Garden Guide

The Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Northwest Garden Guide: Planning Calendar for Year-Round Organic Gardening, Second Edition, is one of my favorite gardening books. The book is created by the non-profit Seattle Tilth gardening experts. The book provides very practical advice and a lot of inspiration. My favorite parts of the book are…

Automation: Greenhouse Temperature Email Updates

After I created a temperature logger for my garden room (which would work well for a greenhouse also), I usually checked the temperature on my phone before I got out of bed in the morning...

Snow and Vegetable Gardening in a Temperate Climate

We had snow in the Seattle area! We get snow here during the winter some years. Generally it is about an inch and our city can’t handle it well. We have had an unusual amount this winter (a whole week). Last week I woke up to the power out and 7 inches of snow on our deck. We typically don’t get that much snow. Eeek, I was worried about my poor garden. I will share the improvements I will make and the successes I had in handling the snow...

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